Denmead Horse Shows

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Denmead Horse Shows

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Denmead Horse Shows 2019

Rules & Conditions

Denmead Horse Show rules


1    Organisers and landowners will not hold themselves responsible for any accident / injury to any person, animal or property whatsoever or however caused.  It is a condition of entry to the showground that all persons agree to indemnify the promoters and landowners against any legal action.

  RESPECT THE OFFICIALS OR BE ASKED TO LEAVE. This applies to all persons entering the Showground

3   Competitors entering classes which may clash do so entirely at their own risk.   No entry fees will be refunded unless accompanied by a doctor’s or veterinary certificate.  THE ORGANISERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE AN ENTRY WITHOUT STATING THE REASON.

  Objections must be made in writing to the Secretary within 10 minutes of an incident, together with a £20 deposit which will be refunded if the objection is upheld

5    Organisers reserve the right to alter, amalgamate or sub-divide classes should numbers so justify or to substitute other judges for those named.  Judges’ decisions are final.  

  All Health & Safety Notices / Rules must be followed at all times including safety dress code rulings.

7  NO galloping / cantering on showground except in arenas / practice area.

8    Horses are not allowed in the Spectator only areas.

9   Spectators must stay off the horsewalks (except at designated crossing points) or in the collecting rings.

10    CARRIAGES may not be driven on the showground itself unless taking part in a carriage class.

11    Novices must have an experienced person with them and not try activities beyond their capabilities.

12    Stallions must be handled / in care of experienced persons over 16 years old

13    Please TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME WITH YOU. Do not muck your horseboxes out onto the ground

14    FAMILY ZONE.  These areas are near the children’s arena(s) where child competitors and their families may watch and wait.  Ponies must not go above a walk in these areas and Parents / Responsible Adults are asked to ensure that they are not a danger / liability to anyone else.

15    No horse/pony under 4 years of age to be ridden on showground

16    Persons engaging in undue use of whip will be asked to leave the showground

17    Dress Code.  

a.  Hard hats to the current safety standards must be worn whenever mounted & hair tied back.  

b.  Children taking part in ‘in hand’ classes must wear their hard hat.  

c.  A rider losing their hat in the jumping arena will be eliminated.  

d. correct riding dress must be worn in all ridden classes except Fun classes.  

e. At the Fun Shows/classes hats & safe footwear must be worn. Clothes must be neat, tidy & safe but full showing dress is not compulsory.  

f.  Back protectors to current safety standards are advised for jumping classes esp. for children.  

g.  Whips/spurs may not be used in games.

h.  Tack must be appropriate to the class.  Double bridles/reins may not be used in Novice classes.

i.  In Fun classes ‘everyday’ tack may be used. However, Judges may penalise if they feel the rider is relying too much on unusual bitting / tack aids

18    Horses/Ponies must not be left tied up & unattended.  Failure to return to the area when called could lead to a fine, permanent exclusion from the show ground and / or prosecution. 

19    DOGS must be on lead & not left unattended in vehicles in hot weather

20    A franchise to operate on the showground must have been obtained from the organisers in order to carry out any commercial activity, including photography. 

21    It is essential that entries are completely filled out and signed that they are happy for the information to be used for show administration. Otherwise they will NOT be accepted.

22    CHALLENGE TROPHIES may be collected by the winner, not a representative, from the Trophy tent upon presentation of ID and full details & signature being given. Trophies should be returned by the following June, if not, FULL COSTS at current rates of replacements will be charged.  A small sum (£20) will be required if they are returned late, after 1st June, to fund a replica for presentation – you will still be liable for return of the trophy or full replacement costs.

23    PREPAID Entries close at 10 pm on the Wednesday before the show.  However, regretfully due to the number of defaulters we cannot accept cheques after the Friday before that.

24    LATE Entries will normally be accepted at the show up to 10 minutes before the start of the class if there is sufficient room.  Please check with the Secretary if you are entering very close to start time of the class. PLEASE MAKE OUT A SEPARATE ENTRY FOR EACH COMPETITOR